A Practical Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Educators

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and is almost certainly going to completely redefine the way we teach and learn.

This workshop is designed to give educators and educational leaders an introductory understanding of AI in the educational space. Stripping away the hype and speculation, this course offers a no-nonsense, practical approach to understanding the transformative power and potential challenges of AI in teaching and learning environments.

This can be offered as a brief staff meeting lasting just 45 minutes, or extended into a full twilight or half-day session.

Key info

  • Duration: 45 mins up to 3 hours
  • Location: At your premises or online via video conferencing (learners can be based anywhere)
  • Entry requirements: None
  • Cost: Contact us for further details

Led by a member of our Midlands Education Team

Our Midlands Education Team is made up of experienced educators who partner with local schools to advance leadership in technology and digital transformation. Drawing directly from classroom experience, they provide practical guidance and resources that are ready to use in your own educational setting. This approach ensures the advice you receive is grounded in real-world teaching and can be applied immediately in your school.

About the workshop

Technology is transforming learning, teaching methods, and the support educational organisations provide to their communities.

This workshop goes beyond simply understanding AI; it aims to equip educational professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions. By joining, you’ll ensure the responsible and effective use of AI technologies in your setting and navigate a practical route through the rapidly changing landscape of AI in education.

What people like:

Interesting to see the different AI applications that are already out there and great to have a discussion on how it can reduce work load with other teachers.

“Exciting ideas and opportunities to work with others on something brand new”

“The enthusiasm, commitment and expert knowledge of the team.”

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Programme content

You’ll examine practical classroom applications that are transforming education today. Learn how AI can tailor learning experiences, simplify administrative duties, and enhance students’ creative and critical thinking. We will also tackle key ethical issues, including data privacy and intellectual property concerns. Additionally, we will discuss effective methods for incorporating AI tools into your educational environment, ensuring that you are not only up-to-date but also leading the way.

The workshop covers the following areas:

  • Discover the basics of Generative AI, including what it is and what it isn’t.

  • Explore how schools are currently using AI to enhance teaching and learning.

  • Explore how AI can enhance learning and retention.

  • Experience practical ways to use AI for boosting creative and critical thinking in your subject.

  • Discover practical ideas for personalizing learning and boosting learner autonomy.

  • Learn strategies to save time, increase productivity, accelerate planning, and transform assessment.

  • Basics of Data Privacy and Security Concerns
  • Navigating Intellectual Property and Originality Issues
  • Find out where to get further information and professional development for your staff and pupils
  • Adapt your policies and help the whole school community to understand where AI fits into your model of teaching and learning.

Next steps

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