Primary school pupils learning about wind turbines with edtech

Edtech audit for your school or MAT

Discover your organisation’s digital strengths and weaknesses to identify exactly what you need to improve.

Do you know how well your school or multi-academy trust is using the digital technology that you have invested in? What do your staff and students think about the technology in your school? Are you transforming education, or just replacing books with laptops?

Our Edtech Discover audit service has been carefully designed to show you the exact position in your school or multi academy trust, and give you a firm foundation on which to base your edtech strategy moving forward.

Joe and Bernard in a Satori meeting

What will you get with Edtech Discover?

We will provide you with a detailed report showing your current position and benchmarking against national averages. We will identify your current performance, and provide recommendations for improvement, in the following areas:

  • Leadership and management: how well your school strategy is supporting the use of edtech and digital resources.

  • Teaching and learning: how edtech is supporting learning in your classrooms and what your students think of it.

  • Assessment: how well you are using technology to assess your learners, evaluate progress and inform next steps.

  • Digital safeguarding: how effective your infrastructure is in keeping staff and students safe, and how well you are teaching your students to protect themselves

  • Professional development: how well your edtech CPD programme is addressing the fast changing needs of your school community.

  • Resources and infrastructure: the capacity of your infrastructure to facilitate the high quality of edtech enriched education that you want to provide, both now and in the future.

As well as the written report we will work with you and your digital leadership team to ensure you understand the report fully, and help you identify actions to resolve any issues raised.