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Who Should Consider This Service?

  • Educational Leaders seeking to understand and enhance their institution’s digital learning capabilities.

  • Schools and MATs looking to strategically invest in or refine their educational technology and digital resources.

  • Decision-Makers aiming for informed, data-driven improvements in their educational technology usage.

Digital Learning Healthcheck – Promotional Offer

Unlock the full potential of your digital learning environment with our Digital Learning Healthcheck service.

Designed specifically for schools and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs), this two-part service provides a comprehensive assessment of your digital learning provisions, helping you to effectively identify and prioritise development in educational technology and digital infrastructure.

Empower your institution with the tools and knowledge to thrive in a digital age. Contact us to schedule your Digital Learning Healthcheck today.

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What will you get with your Digital Learning Healthcheck?

Part One: Tailored Digital Survey Report

Begin your journey with a detailed digital survey, crafted to capture the nuances of your current digital landscape. We analyse your responses to generate a bespoke report, offering a clear snapshot of your existing digital strategies and practices. This report will highlight strengths, uncover areas needing improvement, and set the stage for strategic development, without any commitment to further services.

Part Two: Consultancy Session

Following the report, engage in a structured consultancy session with one of our seasoned educational technology consultants. This session is designed to discuss the findings of your report in detail, offering you personalised insights and practical steps to leverage technology for enhancing educational outcomes. Our consultants are dedicated to helping you envision and plan impactful digital transformations tailored to your unique educational goals.

Why Choose Our Digital Learning Healthcheck?

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Utilise the Naace Self-Review Framework to ensure your strategy aligns with national expectations and best practices.

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of professionals experienced in the intersection of education and technology.

  • Actionable Insights: Receive specific, actionable recommendations to improve your digital learning environment.

  • Strategic Development: Lay the groundwork for a robust digital strategy that supports educational excellence and operational efficiency.

  • No Further Obligations: Gain valuable insights with no obligation to purchase additional services.