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Edtech Catalyst

Consultancy package

Optimise your school’s edtech with expert consultancy support

Edtech has the capacity to transform how we teach and improve the learning experience of students in the classroom – but without the right training, experience or support, it can be exceptionally challenging for schools to make the most of their edtech.

Edtech Catalyst is a high-level annual support package for schools and Senior Leadership Teams who want to plan for and implement an effective edtech strategy.

Delivered by experienced educational leaders and edtech experts, Edtech Catalyst provides you with the specialist guidance, strategic support and leadership training you need to reach your edtech goals.

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Who is the Edtech Catalyst package for?

Planning for and implementing an effective edtech strategy is no easy feat.

Schools and SLTs are often tasked with making big decisions regarding their edtech, and without the necessary knowledge, expertise, and insight, the results can be mixed.

The Edtech Catalyst package is for SLTs and MAT leadership who want to optimise their edtech and overcome any barriers to fulfilling their edtech goals. The package may appeal to SLTs who want to:

  • Learn how to plan, implement and lead your school’s edtech strategy
  • Use edtech to improve learning outcomes, attainment, and enrichment in the classroom
  • Facilitate successful digital transformation with effective change management.

Building on a strong commitment to edtech strategy at leadership level, Satori Education provides SLTs with comprehensive consultancy support and guidance to fulfil edtech objectives.

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What are the benefits for schools and SLTs?

Edtech Catalyst is a consultancy support package designed to support you in outlining and meeting your edtech goals. Typical outcomes include:

  • Edtech that facilitates improved learning outcomes and contributes to higher attainment
  • Classrooms that are better equipped for digital learning and enrichment
  • Staff who feel confident and enthusiastic about their school’s edtech
  • Safer use of digital technologies inside and outside classrooms
  • Better return on investment from edtech spending.

Each school or organisation will have their own unique objectives for edtech; we work with you to develop an actionable strategy to achieve yours.

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How will you achieve your edtech goals?

Over a 12-month collaboration period, we provide you with high-level consultancy support for you to outline, implement, and maintain your edtech strategy.

From an initial evaluation to ongoing support with rollout, you’ll have the means to confidently lead your school in its digital transformation. You’ll access:

  • Expert advice and guidance from Satori Education consultants
  • Comprehensive analysis of your current edtech approach
  • Consultant-led vision and strategy workshops
  • Leadership coaching and development for edtech leaders
  • Professional learning for teachers in edtech skills and pedagogy
  • Support for student enrichment projects
  • Annual evaluation with actionable objectives.

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How will we work together?

The Edtech Catalyst package can be broken down into six key stages, designed to offer you the best strategic support as you transform your school’s edtech.

1. Discover

Before we begin working on future strategy, your Satori Education consultants will establish a clear understanding of your organisation’s approach to edtech by:

  • Exploring edtech-related leadership, learning and teaching, CPD, online safety, resources, and infrastructure
  • Gaining critical insight through conversations with the SLT
  • Gathering data via Edtech Enquire, our online diagnostic tool.

From this understanding, we’ll create a report that forms the foundation on which you can base your strategic edtech decisions.

2. Envision

In order to develop your organisation’s edtech approach, your Satori Education consultant will conduct a vision and strategy workshop with key stakeholders.

You’ll leave the workshop with a clear vision for digital learning that aligns with your school’s values and mission.

3. Strategise

Together, we will work on developing your edtech strategy through a series of planning workshops. Off the back of these workshops, you’ll have:

  • A detailed one-year implementation plan covering actions, resources, and funding required to realise your objectives
  • A three-year strategic plan with actionable milestones.

4. Implement

You’ll receive consultancy support over the next year as you implement your strategy. This might include:

  • Leadership development for key staff through our Edtech Leaders programme
  • Professional learning for teachers to refine edtech skills and pedagogy
  • Student enrichment activities to engage learning through edtech.

5. Evaluate 

Throughout the year, your Satori Education consultant will evaluate the impact of your edtech strategy using our initial ‘Discovery’ approach. 

With this data, we’ll provide you with actionable recommendations to support your continued success. 

6. Renew

If you are renewing your partnership with us into a subsequent year, you will already have a robust edtech strategy to follow through on.

We’ll take this opportunity to evaluate and fine-tune our approach, ensuring you have the best coaching, training, and support to meet your edtech goals.

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Practical support to optimise your edtech

When you engage with the 12-month Edtech Catalyst package, you gain:

  • Clear visions for digital transformation
  • Detailed 1-year digital implementation plans
  • Comprehensive 3-year digital strategies
  • Development of key staff in digital leadership
  • Support with integration of digital skills in learning and teaching.

You already have the elements necessary to make the most of your edtech. Engage with the right catalyst and activate powerful change in your school or organisation.