Edtech Leadership Academy

Are you a visionary educational leader striving to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of education? Satori Education’s Edtech Leadership Academy is your gateway to mastering the integration of technology and leadership.

This innovative extended professional learning programme is taught entirely online using a combination of self paced modules and live group coaching sessions to fit around the schedules of busy educational leaders.

Join Satori Education’s Edtech Leadership Academy and redefine the boundaries of educational leadership. Embrace the power of technology and artificial intelligence to create a future where every learner thrives.

Key info

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Location: Online via video conferencing (learners can be based anywhere)
  • Entry requirements: Applicants must be part of senior school / MAT leadership team, or be sponsored by a SLT member
  • Cost: £1500 for the 12 week programme

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About the programme

Technology is rapidly changing the way students learn, the way educators teach, and the way educational organisations support their communities.

The Edtech Leadership Academy is an ideal programme for education leaders seeking to further develop their skills, knowledge, and vision to drive high-impact technology initiatives, grounded in evidence.

Rather than taking a piecemeal approach to professional development, we provide a comprehensive, structured programme covering everything from leadership, culture and change management best practices to effective project management and the latest research on effective edtech integration.

The programme is designed for education leaders who recognise they are on a journey when it comes to fully leveraging education technology, but may not have had access to formal training in the strategic capabilities required in their role.

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) is crucial for every educational leader. Our Edtech Leaders Academy now includes a comprehensive module on AI, designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to integrate AI effectively in your educational strategies. Explore how AI can enhance personalised learning, automate administrative tasks, and provide data-driven insights, all within the framework of our evidence-based program.

We understand the complex schedules and demands facing educators and leaders. That’s why the programme utilises a flexible blended format – mixing self-paced online modules that can be completed on your own time with live, interactive coachingsessions. This blended remote model allows us to pack each live session with value while minimising disruption to your busy schedule. This means that discussions are vibrant and engaging – centred around applying concepts from the on-demand components.

The project-based approach means that sessions are tailored to each leader’s unique educational setting and strategic priorities. Participants develop a clearly articulated technology vision attuned to their organisation and community needs. They develop a personalised roadmap outlining actionable next steps plus strategies to drive and sustain digital education advancements. Cohort peers and the course leader provide the ongoing support network and accountability to empower learners in putting plans into practice. Graduates walk away with the knowledge, resources, and confidence to lead dynamic transformations; improving digital access, equity, and innovation within their trusts and schools.

“The Edtech Leadership Academy really has transformed our understanding of how we can develop our students’ digital skills; what that means for curriculum design and curriculum intent; how we can all work; how teachers can teach and how learners can learn.”

Caroline Pardoe
Assistant Principal, Bluecoat Academy

Programme content

Our innovative blended format combines self-paced online modules with live coaching and collaborative sessions to reinforce key concepts while providing flexibility for busy education leaders. Participants complete the six modules over the course of 12 weeks, working with faculty and peers to tailor key frameworks, tools and strategies to their unique school/trust settings and technology objectives.

During the programme you will engage in the following modules:

Define what educational transformation means for your school/trust and how you want technology to enrich learning experiences. Explore research, case studies, and planning frameworks to shape your ideas for the future.

Clarify your organisation’s vision statement for technology integration and adoption. Examine assumptions and refocus perspectives to lay the foundations for positive change and empowerment.

Assess your current edtech implementation strengths and opportunities for development. Learn how to lead a self-review process tuned to your unique priorities and roadmap.

Study change management models and identify a framework that meets your needs. Identify your strengths and potential barriers. Develop strategies to motivate adoption amongst key stakeholders using research-based best practices and leaning into individual and institutional strengths.

Pulling together your vision, research, and assessment findings to create a targeted strategic plan and technology roadmap to drive progress.

Explore program management fundamentals from detailed action planning to effective professional development to celebrating milestones. Take away a customised blueprint for execution.

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Frequently asked questions

The program is designed for school and / or MAT leaders responsible for educational technology vision and integration in their schools or trusts.

The 12-week blended program has an estimated commitment of 1 hour per week. Self-paced modules allow for flexibility, complemented by live group coaching sessions which are scheduled appromimately once every fortnight and usually run from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Participants will develop strategic planning capabilities, learn research-backed technology integration best practices, and walk away with a customised edtech blueprint for their organisation.

In addition to self-paced content, there are live coaching calls with the course leader after each core module, which are focused on applying the learning to your context. Peer collaboration is facilitated and promoted throughout.

The program is oriented towards strategic leadership capabilities. While a good level of technical confidence is useful, this is not a technical programme and participants are not expected to have high levels of technology skills.

Vision setting, self-assessments, and strategy development all connect directly to your unique priorities and objectives.

Each module builds skills plus adds to your core vision and strategy, leading to a written strategy document with actionable content.

Applicants must be part of senior leadership team, or be sponsored by a SLT member.

There is an online community, facilitated through our edtechleaders.net website and social media presence. Alumni are encouraged to sign up and continue to share experiences and resources.

Payments may be split into 3 monthly instalments over the course of the programme. Funding opportunities are sometimes available, contact us for more information.

Next steps

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