Pupil with SEN uses interactive whiteboard in school

If you’d like to know how then please keep reading.

Edtech offers a range of tools and resources that can transform the learning experience of Special Educational Needs (SEN) pupils by catering to their diverse learning needs and using a tailored approach that enhances engagement, builds confidence, and promotes academic progress.

Adaptive learning platforms can dynamically adjust content based on an individual’s ability, ensuring that children with SEN receive personalised instruction and inclusive support at their own pace.

Assistive technologies embedded into edtech solutions also empower children with SEN to overcome learning barriers.

These include text-to-speech features, visual aids, and interactive learning games which help deliver a multi-sensory experience, enabling SEN children to grasp concepts in ways which suit their unique, individual learning styles.

Edtech helps to foster independence and self-expression, and breaks down barriers allowing pupils with SEN to thrive and achieve their true potential.

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