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“Know where you are” with Edtech Discover – the ultimate school audit service that helps you understand your exact position and identify areas for improvement. Whatever type of educational organisation you are, Edtech Discover is here to help you know what you need to do next to achieve success in the digital age.

Our comprehensive edtech audit covers six key areas of focus:

Leadership and management

Understand how your school’s leadership and management practices are supporting the use of edtech in your school.

Teaching and learning

Discover how edtech is being used in your classrooms and identify opportunities for improvement.


Review how edtech is being used for assessment and identify ways to better support student learning.

Digital safeguarding

Ensure your school is compliant with digital safeguarding regulations and identify any areas of risk.

Professional development

Analyze your school’s professional development opportunities and identify areas for improvement.

Resources and infrastructure

Evaluate your school’s current edtech resources and infrastructure and identify ways to improve access and support.

Once the audit is complete, you’ll receive a full report detailing our findings and recommended actions. Our team will also work with you to review the report with school / trust leadership team so you can take the next steps to achieving success with edtech.

Don’t wait any longer to take control of your edtech journey. Sign up for Edtech Discover today and know where you are!

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