Edtech tools are helping to reduce teacher stress levels

Did you know that Edtech tools are helping to reduce teacher stress levels?

As a leader in our field, working with schools and MATs across the UK, it’s been incredible to witness the positive and empowering impact that edtech is having on teachers’ lives.

So, over the summer, we’d encourage you to find time to read more on this from our founder below and get ahead for the next academic year in September.

But if you’re not sure how edtech tools could help your teaching staff, here’s 6 to get you started:

  1. Streamlining administrative tasks. From grading and attendance tracking to organising lesson plans, edtech tools are freeing teachers up to focus more on what they do best – teaching!
  2. Personalising the learning experience. Edtech tools allow teachers to tailor lessons to students’ needs, interests, and learning styles. Adaptive learning platforms and interactive apps give targeted feedback and differentiated instruction, ensuring every student thrives at their own pace.
  3. Enabling collaborative teaching: EdTech fosters collaboration among educators, through sharing resources, collaborating on lesson plans, and exchanging ideas. Online platforms enable CPD as well as discussions to take place, creating a supportive community and easing stress of working alone.
  4. Enabling access to a wealth of resources: Teachers’ stress is reduced while teaching repertoire’s expands with resources from interactive simulations to virtual field trips to enhance and engage.
  5. Providing instant feedback and assessment: Edtech enables real-time assessment, giving teachers immediate insights into student progress. Online quizzes, digital portfolios, and data analysis provide feedback to guide instruction and identify areas of improvement to effectively support pupil growth.
  6. Enhanced communication from home to school: EdTech enables seamless communication between teachers, students, and parents through online portals, messaging apps, and video conferencing allowing for regular updates, instant communication, and collaboration easily.

Our CEO Joe Basketts said that: “Embracing edtech is a game-changer for educators as it’s unlocking new possibilities, and reducing stress levels. Harnessing the power of educational tech, empowers our teachers, enhances learning experiences, and creates thriving educational communities.”

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