How can digital literacy facilitate youth employability?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions posed today.

So, as edtech experts, here’s our answer on this one….

Digital literacy is integral to shaping the future workforce of the UK and giving your students the competitive edge they need to succeed beyond education and in a digital workplace.


Why is this?

Recent Government figures show nearly half of UK companies have faced challenges in the recruitment of job roles due to applicants having a lack of the right data skills.

This is simply because not enough school leavers, and graduates, possess the right digital or data skills needed for the jobs on offer today.

A global skills report has also highlighted the UK has a mixed performance when it comes to key data science skills like statistical programming, data management and analysis.


What can you do?

To thrive in an ever-evolving digital workforce, young students must be equipped with these essential skills from an early age.

By prioritising digital literacy in schools, you can bridge the data skills gap, empower pupils to succeed in the future jobs market, and to contribute to the UK’s global competitiveness.


How can you achieve this?

Satori Education is made up of exiting or former educators giving it a unique perspective on what works in schools and multi-academy-trusts as well as what is needed to succeed in the working world beyond education.


Satori Education, now a part of the GivEnergy’s daughter company GivEducation, is proud to work with teachers across the UK to improve and optimise their digital arsenal with robust digital strategies.

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