Planet in teacher's hands

Education providers, just like any other UK organisation or business, will need to meet net zero targets to help safeguard our children’s and the planet’s future.


But is your school or MAT on target?

If you’re a setting that’s struggling to know where to start, or worried you might not meet your target, then we have created a unique, climate emergency training course which has been specifically designed for busy school leaders.

It’s the only course of its kind in the UK to be accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project and is also fully aligned with the new DFE’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy.

If you would like to join the waitlist for our next training cohort then you can register your interest for the training course.

In the meantime, the British Standards Institution has created a resource entitled The Little Book of Net Zero, which is a how-to guide to help businesses in general, particularly SMEs, to start their sustainability journey.

You can download this via the Staffordshire Business and Environment Network website.

If you’d like to discuss our climate emergency training for school leaders in more depth, or would like to talk through how our edtech experts can help you with your setting’s digital strategy, then please email us at, or call 0800 622 6283.