Lego model sits next to school computer

A 10-day celebration of all things science, technology and maths will kick off tomorrow as the country marks British Science Week.

This year’s theme is connections, and just one of a host of free activities taking place during this event is “I’m A Scientist”, a student-led activity connecting students, aged 10 to 18, with a diverse range of scientists from different specialisms and backgrounds.

Students will not only be able to explore profiles of scientists taking part, and connect with them in live and text-based chats, but also be able to ask in-depth, follow-up questions after the sessions.

You can find more out about the “I’m a Scientist” sessions with this link.

There’s a plethora of activities being staged as part of British Science Week and you can view a list of them, alongside a host of free resources, including how to host your own in-school events.

Find out more on British Science Week, which will run until March 19.

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