Teacher shows primary school pupil something on an iPad

As Satori Education is made up of former teachers and educators, who boast decades of combined experience in the education sector, we can say the following with confidence.

Edtech is not only transformative for learners, including improving engagement and pupil outcomes, but it’s also incredibly valuable for teachers too.

Edtech is capable of supporting teachers in a plethora of ways, but it’s important to highlight that it does not replace them.

Everyone learns at their own pace and in their own style and edtech tools make it easier for teachers to create individualised lesson plans and learning experiences that boost the learning capabilities of all students, of all ages and abilities.

While there’s too many benefits to list in this short post, here’s a snapshot of them:

  • Help with classroom management,
  • Help with lesson planning,
  • Helps teachers meet new curriculum targets, including for computer science,
  • Helps measure individual student progress, strengths and areas needing more support,
  • Assists in grading work,
  • Enables swift lesson resource sharing across schools and departments,
  • Allows live and easy collaboration on documents between colleagues,
  • Safely stores everything in one place, in the cloud,
  • Helps teachers keep parents informed using tech,
  • Teachers can also utilise apps which connect them with students to help monitor and assist with classwork progression.

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