“Teachers with digital literacy and the ability to interact and collaborate with technology are essential to the digital transformation of education.”

This quote comes from a recent article that focused on plans to improve digital literacy and skills to contribute to the overall enhancement of people’s competence in a digital age and narrow the digital divide.

And, while it was published in China, the digital divide isn’t a problem unique to the country.

A lack of work transferable digital skills is something that’s also preventing pupils from being able to secure work in a digital workplace in the UK too.

And with teachers’ time already stretched, there’s little or no time to train up on digital tools around packed timetables.

The China Daily article also goes on to say: “But challenges remain in enhancing their digital literacy. Many teachers have limited time and resources to learn and apply new technologies in the classroom. They may find it challenging to explore new digital tools.”

But these are all areas that can be addressed by Satori Education’s team, which is made up of either existing, or former teachers and educators, so they have a unique perspective on the sector and what will work in practice for both teachers and pupils.

We can help you to implement a digital strategy that will help arm pupils with the skills and knowledge to enable them to thrive and succeed in a digital workplace.

And we can also help with teacher training to get educators swiftly up to speed on digital tools that can not only help improve student knowledge, outcomes and employability, but help teachers too, including by using edtech to reduce their workloads.

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 Here’s the China Daily article if you’d like to read the article in full.