iPad used for 3D sculpting in a lesson

A lack of staff skills and confidence are two elements that have been highlighted by the Government as being some of the barriers to the uptake of EdTech in schools and colleges.

The recent Government report entitled: “Future Opportunities for Education Technology in England” recognised that “In England, teachers and policymakers recognise the potential for education technology to improve pupil attainment, contribute to reduced teacher workload, save time on school management activities, and complete teaching-related tasks.”

But it goes on to say that the: “technical knowledge required of school leaders has increased with the growth of edtech, often without a specialist background.”

And that: “The way in which education technology is implemented and embedded by schools and colleges is critical to achieving the perceived benefits.”

Our flagship Edtech Leaders Programme is a comprehensive leadership training programme designed for current or aspiring edtech leaders to enable them to become confident edtech specialists and drive the digital future of their setting forward.

For more on our Edtech Leaders Programme, and to join the waiting list for the next cohort, visit the dedicated page for this training.

Read the “Future Opportunities for Education Technology in England” report in full.

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