Primary school pupils use ipads in lesson

While headlines like this are not new, it’s one of many recent statements to appear which serve to highlight this ongoing issue that is following children out of education and into the world of work – and in some cases it’s proving a barrier to getting a job.

This Business Insider article shows over 40% of graduates were deemed to lack the technological skills for businesses to want to hire them.

And this Business Reporter article reveals that if this “worrying trajectory” continues “by 2030, 85 million jobs could go unfilled”.

Equipping children with digital skills begins in childhood.

We strongly believe that technology is transformative in better-engaging students and improving their outcomes in education, but these digital skills also translate into the world of work, enabling them to better succeed in securing and maintaining future jobs.

And with more and more headlines about why more brands are entering the metaverse it’s clear that it’s becoming ever more important to equip our children with the right skills to put them on the right path to enable their success as adults.

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