Satori edtech consultant Sally with a virtual meeting participant on a large screen

Are using it to its full potential?

Then we can help you unlock its full potential in 2024.

And there are two ways in which we can help you do just that.

1: Our “Edtech Catalyst – Consultancy Package”.

You’ll already have the elements necessary to make the most of your edtech, you just need the right catalyst to activate powerful change. Through this package you can access specialist guidance, support, and resources and discover how you can bring your school’s edtech vision to life by:

  • Providing your Digital Leads and SLT with the means to transform how your school uses edtech.
  • Outlining your existing capabilities, define your edtech goals, and develop your own actionable strategy to reach them.
  • And discover how to bring staff on board as your edtech evolves, with mentoring programmes and professional learning.

View our edtech Consultancy Package

2: Our Edtech Leaders – Training Programme:

This will see you learn how to plan, implement and nurture your edtech strategy. It will lead your school towards a brighter, more exciting future and transform digital leads into confident edtech specialists through:

  • Taking part in practical professional learning for teachers focused on edtech leadership.
  • Logging on to virtual learning with sessions that blend tuition, problem-solving, breakout sessions, and interactive discussion.
  • Gaining knowledge and develop your skills through specialist training, then build confidence and troubleshoot issues through coaching.

View our Edtech Leaders Training Programme

Satori Education, which is now a proud part of the GiveEnergy’s daughter company GivEducation, is proud to work with teachers across the UK to improve and optimise their edtech arsenal.

If you’d like our help to do the same  give our specialist edtech team a call on 0800 622 6283 or email them on