Hand writing the word climate change on black chalkboard

Would you be interested in a free webinar to help your school or multi-academy trust get on track when it comes to tackling climate change?

Then we will be running a free 30-minute, expert-led webinar, which is entitled: “How should schools tackle climate change?” on November 8th at 4pm until 4.30pm.

Led by experienced carbon literacy trainer John Sutton, the webinar will delve deeper into the role the education sector must play if the UK has any hope of meeting net zero targets by 2050 and will include practical steps, which may also save you money, to achieve this goal.

Our CEO Joe Basketts said: “With specific sector challenges coupled with those stemming from each individual education setting, the question of: “How should schools tackle climate change?” is now a common one and one of growing concern.

“John’s webinar will answer questions including: ‘Is it all about the curriculum or, are there practical steps that schools should take to reduce their carbon footprint now?’

“’What does the government expect schools to do?’ And ‘How can we act when our budget’s already stretched to the maximum?’”

To register your place on this free webinar please visit our event page.

And if following the webinar, if you’re interested in learning more about achieving carbon zero as a school then we are proud to run only carbon literacy course that’s specifically for school and multi-academy trust leaders.

Accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project, our next courses will run on December 6, 9am-12noon, and March 6, 9am-12noon.

Any questions please reach out to the team.