The Department for Education (DfE) has commissioned an independent review of teachers’ professional development. The review, which is being led by Ofsted, is looking at the quality of teachers’ training and development in schools.

The first phase of the review has now been completed, and the interim findings have been published. The findings show that there is a lot of good practice in place when it comes to teachers’ professional development. However, there are also some areas where improvement is needed.

One of the key findings is that teachers want to engage in professional development, but they often find it difficult to find the time. The review found that teachers are often overloaded with work, and they find it difficult to fit in professional development alongside their other commitments.

Another key finding is that the quality of teachers’ professional development varies. The review found that some schools offer high-quality professional development, while others offer less effective training. The review also found that there is a lack of consistency in the way that professional development is delivered.

The review makes a number of recommendations for improvement. These include:

  • Making more time for professional development. Schools should make more time for professional development, and they should provide teachers with the support they need to fit it in around their other commitments.
  • Improving the quality of professional development. Schools should ensure that the professional development they offer is high quality, and they should provide teachers with opportunities to reflect on their learning and to apply what they have learned in the classroom.
  • Making professional development more consistent. Schools should ensure that the professional development they offer is consistent across the school, and they should work with external providers to ensure that the training they offer is of a high standard.

The review is a valuable resource for schools and teachers. It provides a clear picture of the current state of teachers’ professional development, and it makes a number of recommendations for improvement. The review is a call to action for schools and teachers to work together to ensure that all teachers have access to high-quality professional development that will help them to improve their teaching and their pupils’ learning.

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