Happy school pupils in a lesson

Are you a digital lead in your school or multi-academy-trust?

Are you enthusiastic about improving your setting’s EdTech but you’re not sure how you can get everyone onboard? Or what strategy to use to implement your plans successfully?


Then we can help……

From identifying challenges faced by your teaching staff, and addressing them with the right EdTech, to how to implement new EdTech successfully, here’s some tips from the team here at Satori Education, who all hail from either a teacher or educator background.

1️. Address teachers’ concerns:

Start by understanding teachers’ challenges. Identify friction points like difficult-to-visualise concepts or manual reporting processes. Tailor your tech solutions to make a real impact on daily teaching hurdles.


2. Empower staff and leadership teams:

Successful implementation requires full support. Ensure that leaders can model technology use and involve them in the pilots to address initial challenges. Middle leaders also play a crucial role in translating school priorities into actionable plans for their teams.

3. Invest wisely:

The right investment not only includes the technology itself but also infrastructure support and professional development. Without these components, the tech might never reach its full potential. And this is something we often find when we are called into schools for the first time. So, consider a balanced investment that includes support and training to maximise tech utilisation in the long-term.

4. Start with a tech pilot that incorporates staff with varying levels of tech knowledge:

It’s important to acknowledge that not everyone is a rapid adopter of new tech. So, pilot new technology carefully, allowing staff to evaluate progress and impact. Involve those who are less keen on tech and ensure you include their input in evaluating wider adoption plans.

With the right strategic implementation, EdTech can unlock immense potential in schools, offering tools for collaboration, online content, simulations, testing systems and more.

The key to successful implementation and adoption is to ensure the technology addresses genuine concerns and becomes a valuable solution in your bespoke setting.

Satori Education, now part of the GivEnergy’s daughter company GivEducation, is proud to work with digital leads and teachers across the UK to improve and optimise their EdTech.

We offer a suite of different packages and services to help schools and multi-academy-trusts and you can find out more on our by speaking to our experts direct, please call 0800 622 6283 or email hello@satori.education .