Students enjoy a history lesson using edtech and a green screen

Are you a school or multi-academy-trust that’s keen to empower and enable your students to thrive in the future workforce?

Then EdTech can help you to do exactly that by equipping young minds with the skills that are key to navigating a modern workplace and today’s dynamic job landscape.

But how is EdTech a catalyst for revolutionising careers education?

By embracing EdTech in the learning process you’ll enhance accessibility, engagement, and real-world applicability of skills to future job roles for your students.

As this article from Microsoft in Education, who we are proud to be a global training partner for, says: “A difficult challenge faced by educators and leaders with future workforce skilling is keeping up with the pace of change for digital skills.”

But it adds that while 85 million jobs will be displaced due to “fast automation” by 2025, the robot revolution will also create 97 million new jobs yet “there likely won’t be enough skilled people to fill the roles”.

This is because, it goes on to reveal, that 68% of students don’t understand what skills they need to start their career, and 80% of employers believe that graduates “do not arrive fully equipped with skills necessary for their job.”

Working together with you, our experts can help you bridge the gap between education and industry requirements to ensure students are well-prepared for future, professional careers.

So, if you’re ready to champion EdTech for a brighter, more prepared workforce then please get in touch with our specialist team.

Satori Education, now a part of the GivEnergy’s daughter company GivEducation, is proud to work with teachers across the UK to improve and optimise their edtech arsenal.

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