Human vs artificial intelligence concept

And how can artificial intelligence be used in education?

These are two frequently asked questions at the moment and whether you love, hate, or you’re on the fence, one thing is clear, artificial intelligence will play a key role in our children’s futures.

So to ensure their success, it’s important that the next generation isn’t left behind and is educated with the skills to navigate it.

But not only can embracing it help our children be better prepared for the world of work, it can also help to enhance the learning experience as well as reduce teacher workloads.

As this article in FE News states: “The success of artificial intelligence depends largely upon how we integrate it into our schools and universities. Collaboration between educators, policymakers, and industry experts is key – and allowing students to engage with the possibilities of AI is essential.

“Empowering our youth with AI knowledge will enable us to unlock the technology’s potential now and in the near future, ultimately helping shape a world in which we can leverage technology and innovation as a positive force.

“Soon, our young people will be at the forefront of this innovation, and we must ensure that they know how to efficiently and responsibly use AI to face both the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

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