iPad used for 3D sculpting in a lesson

Why is digital literacy important?

And how can EdTech help you empower and enable your pupils to excel in this arena?

These are just some of the many FAQs we get asked as EdTech experts.

And here’s our take on them…….

1: What is digital literacy?

This refers to the ability to use and navigate digital technologies effectively. It encompasses a range of skills, including the ability to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information using digital technologies.

It also involves an understanding of digital citizenship, which includes responsible and ethical behaviour when operating in a digital space.

2: Why is digital literacy important?

Digital literacy is important because is an increasingly, technology-driven world, it’s essential for individuals to participate fully in, and make a positive contribution to, society, education, the workforce and the economy.

3: How can EdTech help you enhance your pupils’ digital literacy skills and knowledge?

The answer is through improving your educational setting’s EdTech, or through optimising the tech that you already have on-site.

EdTech is a powerful, transformative tool for nurturing digital skills and enhancing digital knowledge and here at Satori Education we are proud to be experts in this field.

Now part of GivEnergy’s daughter company GivEducation, we work with teachers across the UK to improve and optimise their school or multi-academy-trust’s edtech arsenal.

If you’d like our help to do the same please or for more on our educational technology services and who we’ve worked with, give our specialist edtech team a call on 0800 622 6283 or email them on hello@satori.education.