Ideogram is a digital AI tool designed to generate and manipulate images based on textual descriptions. By using advanced AI algorithms, Ideogram can transform written ideas into vivid visual representations, making abstract concepts more concrete and understandable. There is a free version available that you can use, which may be enough for your needs and certainly enough to have a good explore!

In the classroom, teachers can use Ideogram to enhance learning in several ways:

  1. Visual Aids: Generate custom images to illustrate complex topics in subjects like science, history, and literature, making lessons more engaging and easier to grasp.
  2. Creative Projects: Encourage students to create visual representations of their ideas, stories, or projects, fostering creativity and enhancing comprehension through visual storytelling.
  3. Interactive Learning: Use Ideogram to create interactive and dynamic visuals for presentations, stimulating student interest and participation.
  4. Homework Assistance: Provide students with visual aids to help them better understand and complete their homework assignments.

Ideogram will also generate the image based on your initial prompt, then give you alternative images based on their ‘Magic Prompt’ which adds some further detail which may make your image even better!

My initial prompt for the image below:

Create an illustration of a wizard mixing a potion in front of a group of children, add the text what happens next?

The Magic Prompt feature changed that to,

A captivating illustration of a wise and bearded wizard standing in front of a group of enchanted children. He is concentrating on stirring a bubbling cauldron filled with colourful potion ingredients. The children’s eyes are wide with wonder as they lean in, eager to know what happens next. The background consists of magical symbols and artifacts, creating a warm and mystical atmosphere. The text ‘What happens next?’ is displayed above the scene, inviting the viewer to imagine what the wizard’s potion might do.

What sort of image will you create?