If you’re a teacher looking for engaging and educational resources for your classroom, look no further than the free resources on Kensuke’s Kingdom on the Into Film website. This resource offers a wealth of information and activities that can captivate students and enhance their learning experience.

Kensuke’s Kingdom, a beloved novel by Michael Morpurgo, is an excellent choice for a range of subjects, including English, Geography, and Social Studies. Into Film provides teachers with a comprehensive guide to using the story in their curriculum. It includes discussion prompts, creative writing exercises, and cross-curricular activities that align with learning objectives.


One of the highlights of this resource is its focus on fostering critical thinking and empathy. By exploring the themes of survival, friendship, and cultural differences, students can develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. The activities encourage collaboration and active participation, making learning both fun and meaningful.

Available Resources for Download

  • Film Guide: Offers insights and discussion points to help analyse the film adaptation.
  • Activity Sheets: Includes worksheets for creative writing and comprehension.
  • Lesson Plans: Detailed plans that align with curriculum objectives.
  • PowerPoint Presentations: Visual aids to support lessons and discussions.
  • Teacher’s Notes: Additional tips and strategies for effectively using the resources.