PAINTING: THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON 1666 Painting titled ‘The Great Fire of London 1666

The Great Fire of London resources from the Museum of London is a brilliant place to start when you are teaching this fascinating topic to your students. You will find a variety of useful resources and links to support your teaching, including:

The Fire – how the Great Fire started, spread and was fought.

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Fire of London Game – students help Tom and Jane through 6 dramatic days as they experience London’s Great Fire.

Great Fire 1666: A Minecraft Experience – uses the power of Minecraft to tell the story of the fire.

Great Fire objects, artworks and document – quality images, information and 3D objects of the most important historical artefacts and documents which can be download and used in presentations and student work.

Fire of London Glossary – supporting PDF explaining all the key terms.

All the resources and support for teachers can be found on The Great Fire of London Website.