Sustainability and Climate Change Training for Education Leaders

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the climate crisis, its history, and the essential actions needed to address it. Engage in valuable discussions that equip you with practical tools for leading sustainability efforts.

Key info

  • Duration: 7 hours, split between self-paced online learning (3 hours) and a live interactive workshop (4 hours)
  • Location: Online via self-paced learning and video conferencing (learners can be based anywhere)
  • Entry requirements: Applicants must be part of senior leadership team, or be in a position to effect change
  • Cost: £195 + VAT per person. Discount available for bulk purchases

Artist and Musician Love Ssega explains how the Carbon Literacy project provides the tools to take action to address climate change, an issue that affects us all, but that we can all do something about.

About the course

Our Sustainability and Climate Change Training for Education Leaders is the only course in the UK that has been designed in conjunction with the Carbon Literacy Project, specifically for busy school and MAT leaders. It is accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) and fully aligned with the DFE Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy.

The training aims to equip education leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to address the urgent challenges of climate change. By gaining carbon literacy and sustainability strategy skills, participants will be empowered to drive change within their organisations and inspire action in their communities.

Upon completion, participants receive official certification as Carbon Literate, recognised by the Carbon Literacy Project.

The course combines self-paced online learning with live interactive workshops. The total time commitment is 6-8 hours, split equally between the self-paced content (3-4 hours) and the tailored workshop session (3-4 hours).

This hybrid and modular structure allows busy teaching and leadership teams to fit the training around existing schedules and availability.

The content covers core climate science concepts alongside analysis of UK policy landscapes, school-specific pathways to net zero, and sustainability strategy development. Participants will be supported to identify practical steps to accelerate their organisation’s transition to low-carbon operations.

Relevant resources, case studies and action planning templates ensure the training translates directly into impactful next steps after completion.

As specialists in the education sector, we have designed this course recognising the unique positions and responsibilities held by school management and trust executives. The content and discussions are framed specifically around the context of leading educational institutions, with participants supported to achieve sustainability goals in line with their professional roles.

The finale live workshop session guides participants to instigate change tailored to schools, academies and academy trusts – equipping leaders with the expertise needed to drive real-world change across their organisations.

The presenter provided by Satori was highly professional and happy to customise materials for the specific needs of our organisation. Delivery was well-paced and suited to the needs of the audience. Highly recommended.

Anna Orridge
Green Coordinator, Harris Federation

This training will leave you fully informed of the science behind the climate crisis, the history of it, the actions required to avert catastrophe, the challenges we will encounter but ultimately the tools we need to continue with the fight! The discussion opportunities were invaluable and as it was a small group, I feel it was well tailored to the participants needs.

Jo Pettifer

Sustainability Project Coordinator,
St Ralph Sherwin Catholic Multi Academy Trust

Programme content

Our innovative blended format combines self-paced online modules with live a collaborative workshop to reinforce key concepts while providing flexibility for busy education leaders.

During the programme you will engage in the following modules:

Covers the basics of climate science including the greenhouse effect, main greenhouse gases, carbon cycle, the difference between climate and weather, sector contributions, and extreme events. It also discusses how schools can reduce emissions.

Looks at future climate change impacts and predictions from the IPCC. It explores possible climate futures, irreversible damage scenarios, alternative timelines, and consequences. There are activities to test knowledge and discuss strategies for dealing with climate debates.

Focuses specifically on UK greenhouse gas emissions, climate change impacts, the role of local authorities, carbon budgets, and the UK government’s net zero pathway.

Examines shifts towards renewable energy and a green economy in the UK. It covers sector changes in energy consumption, sustainability planning, and organizational action.

Provides context for schools and trusts. It looks at climate inaction history, the DCSF roadmap, COP28 outcomes, benefits of climate action for schools, monitoring and reporting, procurement impacts, community outreach, and leadership roles.

A live workshop focused on developing net zero pathways for schools and trusts. It enables action planning, target setting, reporting, sustainable operations, procurement, and influencing others.

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Frequently asked questions

The program is designed for school and / or MAT leaders responsible for, or with a significant interest in sustanability and carbon reduction.

Total time commitment is 7 hours, split between self-paced online learning (3 hours) and a live interactive workshop (4 hours). We can be flexible on scheduling to suit educator availability.

You will gain carbon literacy and sustainability strategy skills to drive change in your organisation. Expected outcomes include increased knowledge, sense of responsibility/hope, and practical plans to initiate sustainability improvements.

We will provide full support throughout the programme via your nominated trainer. We also offer ongoing sustainability consultancy services as an additional purchase if further support is needed after completion.

No prior experience is required. The course is designed specifically for time-poor education leaders with no assumption of existing sustainability knowledge.

The live workshop section can be fully customised to align with your organisational context, existing green strategies and goals. Collaborative material development also available on request.

You will have lifetime access to course materials including presentations, templates, toolkits and reading lists to support ongoing sustainability efforts..

Submission and approval of a personal climate action pledge leads to internationally recognised Carbon Literacy Project certification.

We can provide access to the Carbon Literacy Project member network for ongoing best practice sharing.

Individual places may be purchased via invoice. Organisations wishing to bulk purchase a number of places should contact us on to discuss the discounts available.

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