Satori edtech consultants engaging in a meeting

About Satori Education

Satori Education facilitates moments of learning brilliance for students, teachers and schools.

We are a specialist edtech consultancy and leadership training facilitator, supporting schools and MATS to optimise their edtech and transform teaching and learning.

We empower SLTs and edtech leaders with the skills, knowledge, and strategic insight they need to make the most of their edtech; from outlining their school’s vision for technology, to implementing an effective long-term strategy.

We approach edtech from a firmly educational perspective. Our team of specialist edtech consultants are all former educators with years of experience teaching and connecting with students.

Our team of edtech specialists and experienced educational leaders is what makes Satori Education so impactful.

The Satori Education approach

edtech consultant Joe Basketts of Satori Education

Edtech for people

Satori Education puts people at the heart of educational technology. When an edtech strategy isn’t built around teachers, students and staff, it’s unlikely to succeed – we guide you in ensuring your school community needs are critical to your edtech strategy and facilitating effective change by bringing everyone on board.

Satori edtech consultant Sally with a virtual meeting participant on a large screen

Edtech for sustainability

Technology offers schools the chance to reap the rewards of reducing their carbon footprint. From facilitating successful professional development that’s delivered virtually to saving money on printing and paper consumption, we want more schools to discover and enjoy the benefits of sustainability through edtech.

Satori edtech consultants Sally and Andy in a meeting

Edtech you can trust

Every member of our team is an edtech specialist with an extensive teaching and educational leadership background. We understand your priorities and provide solutions that we’re fully qualified to deliver. Our team includes members of international education bodies, leading on every level from local to national.

Discover how your organisation can unlock the potential of its edtech with dedicated consultancy support and professional learning for edtech leaders.

We simply could not have sustained our reputation for exemplary leadership training for the Department of Education without Joe and the Satori Education team.

Their professional guidance and ability to adapt to our changing demands have proved beyond doubt the confidence we have in the team’s expertise.

As we move forward, Satori Education will continue to be a major part of our development.

Cavelle Priestley-Bird, Executive Director of Alliance of Leading Learning