iPad used for 3D sculpting in a lesson

Edtech for primary school learning

Inspiring pupils to dive headfirst into learning with edtech

As a primary school, you might be exploring how you can best provide your pupils with an enriching learning experience.

We work with you to explore how edtech could better support your educators, allowing teachers to connect with and engage young learners in powerful new ways.

With the right support, your school’s edtech strategy and approach to technology in the classroom could facilitate more creativity, engagement, learning, and play.

How edtech supports primary school learning

Edtech specialist Joe Basketts talks with a school teacher about technology in the classroom

From consumers to creators

Edtech has the potential to transform how pupils learn. Instead of passively consuming learning material, pupils can use edtech to engage fully in a subject through a creative activity.

Young learners may use the internet to research a history topic, recording facts in their workbooks. With the right edtech, pupils could go on to create a history podcast for the school website or produce an informative video using green screen technology.

With edtech, pupils become creators rather than consumers and enjoy a more valuable learning experience.

Primary school pupil is inspired by what she can see in a VR headset

Preparing the next generation

There’s no doubt that technology will continue to define and shape our lives, and primary schools are often tasked with preparing the next generation for jobs and roles that don’t even exist yet.

A strong edtech strategy and knowing how to implement it in classrooms gives pupils the chance to interact with the latest technology at a young age. This ensures young learners have the best possible start.

Happy school pupils in a lesson

What edtech challenges do primary schools face?

Discover how we can support you in making the most of your edtech and overcoming barriers to better learning.

Transform how you can teach and discover new ways to learn with your school’s edtech.

Find the right support for your primary school

Through a dedicated consultancy approach and specialist leadership training, we empower you to make the most of your primary school’s edtech.

Primary school pupils learning about wind turbines

Edtech Leaders – Training Package

Helping Computing Leads become confident edtech specialists

As your school’s Computing Lead, what could you achieve if you had the right edtech training, tools, resources, and strategic support?

  • Take part in practical professional learning for teachers focused on edtech leadership.
  • Log on to virtual learning with sessions that blend tuition, problem-solving, breakout sessions, and interactive discussion.
  • Gain practical knowledge and insight through specialist edtech training.
  • Develop skills and confidence with focused coaching.

Learn how to effectively plan, implement, and optimise your school’s edtech strategy and help transform how you teach in class.

Satori edtech consultants Andy Murden and Joe Basketts

Edtech Catalyst – Consultancy Package

Rely on dedicated expertise and make your edtech vision a reality

Access the specialist guidance, tools, and strategic support you need to make the most of your school’s edtech.

  • Receive expert support and guidance on how you can make the most of your edtech inside and outside classrooms.
  • Outline your existing capabilities, define your edtech goals, and develop your own actionable strategy to achieve them.
  • Discover how to bring staff on board with evolving edtech through mentoring programmes and professional learning.

With Satori Education at your side, you’ll have the catalyst you need to change the way you approach and make use of your edtech.

Make the most of your school’s edtech through specialist consultancy and leadership development.