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Edtech for secondary school learning

Strengthening strategy and leadership to unlock the potential of your edtech

For secondary schools, edtech has enormous potential to transform teaching and learning.

We work with you to refine and articulate your school’s vision for edtech. We support you in implementing your edtech strategy and achieving your digital learning goals in both the short and long term.

Through a collaborative approach, your Digital Strategy Leads and School Leadership will have access to the specialist insight, resources, and training they need to make the most of your edtech.

Empowering schools to articulate their vision for edtech

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Building the capacity of Digital Leaders in school

Many secondary schools have edtech Leads who are already working hard to optimise their school’s edtech. The Satori Education approach centres your school’s Digital Leadership, empowering them with the means to achieve even more.

We support you in developing a robust edtech strategy that reflects your school’s specific mission and values. Your strategy will be implemented and maintained by your SLT and Digital Strategy Lead – we give you the tools, insight, training, and technical guidance to help you achieve that.

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Strategic transformation for long term change

To ensure students and staff can enjoy the full benefits of edtech, schools need a comprehensive edtech strategy that’s aligned with overall school missions, values, and approach.

By partnering with Satori Education, you’ll be supported in strengthening your edtech leadership and management. You’ll learn how to take a strategic approach to edtech, facilitating transformations that last and achieving goals like improved learning outcomes and cost reduction.

Whether through consultancy or leadership development, we aim to strengthen the capacity of your organisation so eventually you no longer need our expertise.

What edtech challenges can we support you in overcoming?

Discover how we help you facilitate better teaching and learning through strategic edtech support.

Transform how you can teach and discover new ways to learn with your school’s edtech.

Find the right support for your secondary school

Discover how you can make the most of your edtech with the support of Satori Education’s dedicated consultancy and specialist leadership training.

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Edtech Leaders – Training Package

Empowering Digital Strategy Leads to transform their edtech

A comprehensive professional learning and leadership development programme for Digital Strategy Leads and school edtech specialists.

  • Gain practical knowledge and strategic insight through specialist edtech training.
  • Receive training and coaching from experienced educational leaders and edtech experts.
  • Engage in remote learning that involves tuition, group coaching, and interactive discussion.

Plan, implement and manage an effective edtech strategy that’s fully aligned with your school’s unique mission and vision.

Satori edtech consultants Andy Murden and Joe Basketts

Edtech Catalyst – Consultancy Package

Rely on dedicated expertise and make your edtech vision a reality

Access the specialist guidance, tools, and strategic support you need to make the most of your school’s edtech.

  • Receive expert support and guidance on how you can make the most of your existing or incoming edtech.
  • Outline your current capabilities, define your edtech goals, and develop your own actionable strategy to achieve them.
  • Discover how to facilitate effective change management to support students and staff.

With Satori Education, you’ll have the catalyst you need to transform the way you approach and benefit from your edtech.

Make the most of your school’s edtech through specialist consultancy and leadership development.