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Supporting Managed Service Providers

Working with MSPs to deliver high impact specialist edtech training programmes into schools.

Ensure your educational clients receive an overwhelmingly positive service with the support of Satori Education.

We strategically plan, facilitate, and deliver effective and completely bespoke training programmes for your clients. As your professional learning services partner, we help you to add significant value to your services and optimise the impact of newly installed edtech in schools.

Exceed client expectations and forge a reputation as an MSP that fully understands education.

Expert edtech training for schools through MSPs

As your edtech training partner, we ensure that schools have the training, insight, and knowledge to make the most of the technology you’ve provided.

  • Our team of highly qualified edtech experts are made up of leaders from both education and local authority. We draw on our teaching experience, technical knowledge, and aptitude for successful training to deliver our service.
  • MSPs who win bids within government framework to work with schools are now required to provide training to schools. We deliver bespoke edtech training as an arm of your business and an extension of your high-quality service.
  • Our approach is one of collaborative partnership. We’re highly experienced in supporting MSPs to deliver a high calibre of service to their clients – and we’re confident in how we uphold and improve service standards.
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MSP edtech training and consultancy for schools

As an MSP, you may experience a number of challenges if you’re unable to rely on comprehensive edtech training for your clients. Here’s how we can help you overcome them.

Reduce strain on MSP resources

When schools and educators aren’t equipped with the right edtech training, it can lead to excessive or consistent troubleshooting. That means more calls to your helpdesk and unnecessary strain on your resources.

As educationalists, we analyse schools to accurately predict where issues might occur and use our technical understanding to deliver training to address them.

Grow your reputation as an MSP

Successful training programmes that empower staff and students to make full use of their edtech leads to better feedback from schools.

When we work with MSPs, we’re always aiming to improve your service output and your client experience. That means you enjoy a well-earned reputation for supporting schools through digital transformation and through a solid partnership; we help you create more successful edtech stories.

Support MSP clients through new build programmes

If your client is consulting with you to develop a new building or educational space, we can help you deliver a bespoke training and newbuild support programme.

We can support you at every stage of the development, from initial design consultancy to floorwalking when you go live to ensure new edtech is optimised for use in classrooms.

Interested in learning more? Connect with us to explore high impact edtech training for your clients.

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How we support MSPs to deliver edtech training in schools

Each suite of training we provide is bespoke, and we pull on a wide range of expertise, consultancy, and qualified training programmes to deliver it. Here are some of our specialist service offerings.


  • Interactive panel
  • Office 365
  • Google Workspace
  • Chromebooks
  • Mobile devices
  • Print management
  • Digital signage


Content development

  • Bespoke training videos for staff, students, and parents
  • Tailored professional learning courses.

We support MSPs to facilitate effective digital transformations in schools. Get in touch to explore how we can collaborate.