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Edtech Strategy Support

Get a comprehensive digital strategy for your school!

Are you a school or multi-academy trust looking to develop an edtech strategy, but unsure where to start? Our Edtech Strategise service can help!

With our expert guidance, you can create a comprehensive edtech strategy that will help your school stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly-changing world of education technology.

From personalised learning and adaptive educational technology, to digital assessment tools and online learning platforms, our team has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the many options available and make informed decisions about the best ways to incorporate technology into your school.

We can help you create a tailored plan that meets the unique needs and goals of your school, and provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure that your edtech strategy is implemented effectively.

Don’t get left behind – contact us today to start developing your school’s edtech strategy.

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What will you get with our edtech strategy support?

At the end of the support you will have shaped your edtech strategy as a practical and living document.

You will have a 3 – 5 year high level strategy document which covers all of the areas required to ensure your school is using its digital tools effectively and efficiently, and that education technology is delivering real impact in the classroom both now and in the future.

The edtech strategy will identify potential challenges and obstacles to the effective use of technology in the school and will have outlined how you intend to address these.

Your strategy will ensure that the technology is used in a way that is consistent with the school’s overall educational goals.

The edtech strategy will address the following areas:

  • A clear vision for the use of technology in the school that is consistent with the school’s overall educational goals
  • Implementing and integrating technology into the curriculum and classroom
  • Ongoing support and professional development for teachers
  • Evaluating and assessing the impact of technology on student learning and outcomes
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How will we achieve it?

We will firstly work with you, using our unique diagnostic tool Edtech Enquire, to identify the strengths of your current provision as well as identifying areas for development, benchmarking these against national expectations.

This process will seek opinions from all stakeholders including staff and pupils and the results will be presented in a formal report for consideration by the SLT.

Following this, we will deliver support, in a format that suits your organisation, in the following areas:

  • Understanding the purpose of your edtech strategy

  • Creating and documenting a shared vision
  • Drafting the high level plan
  • Identifying resources required
  • Refining the plan
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Identifying evaluation metrics and success criteria
  • Creating formal strategy document.

We will work with the results of these inputs to present to you a draft edtech strategy document for your review and final editing.

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