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Facilitating moments of learning brilliance

Transform learning with edtech

With the right kind of educational technology, we can transform the learning experience of students in the classroom.

Edtech brings learners closer to the subject they’re studying and supports educators in engaging with and inspiring their students.

Through edtech, you can offer a more enriching learning experience, provide teachers with intuitive tech support, and unlock the potential of edtech in your classrooms.

Expert edtech consultancy for schools

Each school has its own unique priorities and challenges – find out how we can help you make the most of your edtech.

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Edtech for Primary

Are you a Computing Lead looking to make better use of edtech in your school? Discover how to plan, implement and nurture an edtech strategy that transforms teaching and enriches learning.
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Edtech for Secondary

Are you a Digital Strategy Lead overseeing your school’s edtech? Access the specialist training, support, and professional learning you need to ensure your school is making full use of its edtech.

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Inspire your students and support your educators

How will we help you to optimise your edtech approach?

Developing edtech confidence

As your school’s edtech leader, you’ll receive the tools, training, and professional learning you need to confidently develop your edtech strategy and deliver it into your classrooms.

Enriching learning and improving attainment

Access specialist training and insight into how you can best use your edtech to enrich the learning experience of your students and contribute towards higher attainment.

Make the most of your school’s edtech through specialist consultancy and leadership training.

No two schools are the same

Every school has a different approach. We help you to address your own unique edtech strategy, tailoring it to teaching methodology, professional learning aims, edtech objectives, and more.

Build on existing skills

Remote learning through lockdown was a challenging time, but many teachers gained new skills and technical experience. Learn how to nurture existing edtech expertise for better results.

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Interested in learning more about how your school can make better use of its edtech? 

Edtech consultancy and training packages

With Satori Education, you’ll gain the specialist tools, training, and strategy expertise you need to transform your school’s approach to edtech.

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Edtech Catalyst – Consultancy Package

Optimise your school’s edtech through expert consultancy

Access specialist guidance, support, and resources and discover how you can bring your school’s edtech vision to life.

  • Provide your Digital Leads and SLT with the means to transform how your school uses edtech.
  • Outline your existing capabilities, define your edtech goals, and develop your own actionable strategy to reach them.
  • Discover how to bring your staff on board as your edtech evolves, with mentoring programmes and professional learning.

You already have the elements necessary to make the most of your edtech, you just need the right catalyst to activate powerful change. 

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Edtech Leaders – Training Programme

Transforming digital leads into confident edtech specialists

As your school’s Digital Lead, you’ll gain access to the tools, training, and specialist support you need to optimise your school’s edtech.

  • Take part in practical professional learning for teachers focused on edtech leadership.
  • Log on to virtual learning with sessions that blend tuition, problem-solving, breakout sessions, and interactive discussion.
  • Gain knowledge and develop your skills through specialist training, then build confidence and troubleshoot issues through coaching.

Learn how to plan, implement and nurture your edtech strategy and lead your school towards a brighter, more exciting future.

Transform how you can teach and discover new ways to learn with your school’s edtech.

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About Satori Education

Satori Education exists to facilitate moments of learning brilliance for students, teachers and schools.

Edtech has the potential to break down barriers to learning, enrich student experience, and contribute to improved attainment. We want to provide passionate educators with everything they need to make the most of their school’s edtech.

We approach technology from a firmly educational perspective. Satori Education is made up of teachers and educators who believe in the transformative power of edtech.


We’ve had the privilege of supporting a number of schools, SLTs and Digital Leads to make the most of their edtech.

We engaged Satori Education to help us transform the digital learning that our pupils received. Just over a year ago we had no computing curriculum in place and very limited opportunities for pupils to develop their digital skills. They have been brilliant, working with our staff and SLT to ensure that we have the right software, hardware, curriculum and staff skills to bring our learning into the 21st century.

Deborah Steen, Headteacher at Salisbury Primary School