The Staffordshire Schools Multi Academy Trust are enjoying improved edtech in their schools

We’re incredibly proud to work with a host of primary and secondary schools in the UK to transform the way they deliver digital learning to their students.

Just one of them is The Staffordshire Schools Multi Academy Trust (TSSMAT) which incorporates a number of small schools, including Richard Crosse Primary in Kings Bromley and St Mary’s Primary in Colton. We’ve worked with TSSMAT to improve the collaboration and infrastructure across all their schools and we were delighted to receive this wonderful feedback for our expert team and our CEO and founder Joe Basketts.

Jonathan Wynn, Headteacher at St Mary’s, said: “The best bit really was that they sat and listened and took on board what we wanted as an academy, and they were really quite strategic in how we moved forward from that point.

“What we’ve been able the come up with over the last few years is a really slick, streamlined, shared drive Cloud-based system, that’s given us the building blocks to move forward as an academy.

“Throughout the whole process we felt as a staff support, guided, just knowing that Joe in particular was at the end of a phone or email. I think it’s just the start of an exciting, powerful journey that will equip these children for the rest of their lives.”

And Joseph Davies, Year 6 Teacher at Richard Crosse, said: “It’s massively improved our curriculum as a whole.

“We feel now that the lessons we are teaching now are of a higher standard.”

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