University students walking down road.

The mental health of students, at all levels of education, is a growing concern.

This thought-provoking article by FE News, while it discussed the issue at university level, is just one of many to appear in the media in recent months on this topic.

It also highlights how technology, and EdTech companies, are not only proving to be a powerful ally in helping to address this issue but to also transform student mental health.

There is an array of tools that can help and be tailored to be appropriate to the age of students in your setting.

They include online platforms and apps that offer a wide array of resources, from articles and self-help guides to meditation and mindfulness app to other stress management and relaxation tools, providing students with on-demand access to information and support, helping them to manage their mental health more effectively.

There are also online communities and forums help foster a sense of belonging and peer support and allow students to connect with others facing similar challenges, share their experiences, and offer each other advice and encouragement.

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