givenergy team

Today we have an incredibly exciting announcement to reveal.

It’s a landmark in Satori Education’s continued journey from strength to strength as a leading edtech company.

As part of a “continued investment in the education of young people across the UK” GivEnergy has acquired Satori Education under its subsidiary GivEducation.

The dynamic partnership is set to further revolutionise education and transform the way that lessons across the UK are delivered.

Jason Howlett, GivEnergy Group CEO comments: “At first glance, it can seem disconnected for an energy storage company like GivEnergy to have a daughter company focused on edtech.

“However, if you look beneath the surface, we’re all about stimulating education – whether that’s through the summer schools we fund, the STEM projects we support in the classroom, the kit we donate to colleges, the work we undertake in fostering local skills, or any number of similar projects.

“Educational causes are close to our heart, and we’re proud to continually invest in GivEducation. Acquiring Satori Education is an exciting milestone on GivEducation’s journey.”

Director of GivEducation, Mogdam Osman, said: “It’s incredibly exciting to acquire a company like Satori Education. Their experience, expert field knowledge, and proven success in the edtech space can only accelerate our mission to revolutionise education.

“GivEnergy has already changed the world. We see no reason why GivEducation can’t do the same in its own space, and we’re glad to have Satori Education with us for the ride.”

As part of this “strategic acquisition”, Satori Education’s founder and CEO Joe Basketts has been appointed as Education Director at GivEducation.

Joe said: “I’m thrilled to be joining the GivEducation team and embarking on this joint journey.

“Our shared passion for improving education and making a real impact on the lives of young learners is what brought us together.

“Together with GivEnergy, we can take edtech to new heights and truly transform the learning experience for students, teachers, and schools across the UK.”

You can find out more here.