Secondary school art lesson using VR technology

With a new year always comes predictions for the year ahead and what’s on the horizon beyond – and that’s no different when it comes to edtech.

This article from FE News not only reveals the top edtech predictions for 2023, but it also highlights how it will become even more “crucial” for schools to have a digital strategy going forward.

It states that: “It’s crucial schools devise their very own digital strategy for the new education age. “After all, digitising education is not about peppering classrooms with devices, it’s about transforming how the school runs altogether – making it more efficient in terms of employee time and overall costs.

“Unlike in the past, going digital now involves many considerations like cybersecurity, privacy, and inclusion – and these cannot be resolved with one Google search.

“A suitable digital strategy takes time to plan and needs expert guidance.”

We couldn’t agree more with this statement. And when it comes to expert guidance you need look no further than our specialist edtech consultants.

Satori Education is an edtech consultancy and leadership training facilitator and we are proud to support schools and multi-academy trusts to optimise their edtech and transform teaching and learning across the country.

We empower SLTs and edtech leaders with the skills, knowledge, and strategic insight they need to make the most of their edtech; from outlining their school’s vision for technology, to implementing an effective long-term strategy.

And we approach edtech from a firmly educational perspective with our team of consultants, who are all former educators with years of experience teaching and connecting with students.

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