Pupils with VR glasses on

This is a question that remains consistently at the top of most searched questions being posed in the UK today when it comes to edtech.

And, on the surface, it might seem like it’s a straightforward and simple one to answer.

That is, of course, because it’s simply the merger of two words: education and technology = edtech.

But there’s a lot more to edtech than that.

As a UK expert when it comes to working with schools to improve and optimise their edtech, here’s our informed answer to “What is Edtech?”

Edtech is the introduction of technology – products, platforms, apps and tools – into schools, MATs, and classrooms which boast the ability to create a more engaging, more inclusive and individualised learning experience in each unique setting.

Edtech has the power to bring topics to life in new, innovative, and enlightening ways which not only improves engagement and pupil outcomes, but better prepares children for a digital-first future too.

And not only that, but edtech can also significantly help to reduce pressure on teacher workloads.

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