Education technology concept.

This is a FAQ that we hear a lot when it comes to conversations about EdTech and as Satori is made up of former educators the answer is simple….

No it won’t!

And that’s because, as this FE News UK article also attests: “it cannot replace the fundamental human interaction between teachers and students, which is crucial.”

But what it can do, is help teachers in a plethora of ways to lighten their workload and reduce stress as well help your students along the way too.

Are you intrigued to find out more?

Great! Then here’s just 3 of a rather long, and ever-growing, list of reasons of how it can do just that:

  • Helps teachers with everyday tasks
  • Enhances the potential to suit each student’s individual needs
  • Makes teaching and learning more efficient

If you’d like to know which is the best AI for teachers then why not get in touch with our specialist team today?

Now part of the GivEnergy family’s daughter company GivEducation, Satori Education has a proud reputation of working successfully with educators across the UK to improve and optimise their edtech arsenal in settings ranging from nurseries to large MATs.

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